Friday, January 31, 2020

Be Kind to Yourself

I believe topics or items keep coming up in my space because I am either meant to deal with it, discuss it with our tribe or often times both.  Self-Compassion has been a big one lately. In fact, Last week in Meditation we received a message from Spirit regarding this topic and it has come in front of me several times a day since. Including a situation where I was unavailable for much of this week due to an ill family member.  I was beginning to get into the beat myself up mode for not doing all my normal activities and / or having to put things on the back-burner.; When it dawned on me, I needed to give myself a break.

Why are we not good at giving ourselves the understanding and compassion that we so freely give to others?

I am not a professional therapist,  this is all based on personal experience and observation.  I think we do not allow ourselves to sit with our feelings, we just want to just brush them off or ignore them altogether and are harsh with ourselves.
When we offer compassion to others, we have empathized with them in a way that we can feel their need or pain.  When we don't sit with our feelings, we bottle them up, push them down and then become hard on our self.  You know what I mean! That self talk of "Shake it off... You're being ridiculous, There are worse things in the world, People have it worse than you..."  Sure, all that may be true, but that doesn't mean what you're feeling at that moment isn't real.  
So when you're blowing it off and pushing it down, it has nowhere to go.  Then something else happens and we push that down, and something else, and so on...  Before we know it, we blow!  We are either an emotional crying wreck, in a depression or lashing out with anger at anyone who dares to cross in front of us.
So let's be kind to ourselves. If you're feeling any kind of feels, take time to sit with it.  I mean really sit with it.  Get quiet, do some breathing and really feel those feelings.  Feel them in your body.  where are they manifesting.  Can you feel the sadness in your heart area, or annoyance/ anger in your stomach or back.  Allow yourself to just feel where it is.
Once you have identified the feels, maybe allow yourself to try and see why you feel that way.  It could be a trigger, grief, a feeling of betrayal or even just plain old exhaustion.  What was the situation that caused the feeling? Once you have identified it, you will begin to feel it dissipate a little, maybe a lot.
If you're feeling this way because you feel something happened to you or was done to you, allow yourself to continue to feel it until you feel ease about it; and then perhaps see if there is a lesson in it.
If you are feeling a certain way because you feel you did or didn't do something, again feel into it and then see the lesson and realize you are not the first, nor the last person to have done this. You are here to learn and this will pass. Give yourself the love you so freely give to others.
Before you end your time, spend a few minutes thinking of anything that brings you joy.  Something that causes a giggle. a little thing that makes you smile.  End your mindfulness with something that will raise your vibration.
This may not help all at once, but one thing I know for sure is, it's more beneficial than just bottling it up.  The more often we are mindful of our feelings, the less we will hold those feelings in our bodies.  
Be kind to yourself 💓

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